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equafortan® MSM

Product information "equafortan® MSM"

equafortan MSM for horses - support for skin, hair and hoof horn

is a high-quality feed for the nutrient-bound support of hair growth, skin condition and hoof improvement.

In addition, methyl sulfonyl methane has the following properties: It can support joints and connective tissue and help with sprains, strains, stretched ligaments and strains. It has detoxifying, pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory effects, which can help speed up recovery. Furthermore, it can also help reduce allergies.

MSM (Methyl-Sulphonyl-Methane) is a highly effective organic sulphur compound,

which strengthens the regenerative capacity of the entire organism:

  • improves hoof problems such as brittleness, cracks, poor hoof growth etc.
  • reduces poor hair and skin structure as well as hair loss
  • promotes the resilience of joints, bones and tendons
  • activates the body's natural defences

This pure methylsulfonylmethane contains 34 % sulphur, is water-soluble and comes in the form of white, odourless crystals.

Especially important after illnesses and infections

MSM is especially important after illnesses and infections to help the body's immune system regain its strength.


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Straight feed


Methylsulfonylmethane 13.9.1 (according to VO 68/2013) Sulphur 34 %


MSM is ADMR compliant since 1st January 2019.

Initial dosage, for the first 5 days:

12 g metylsulfonylmethane, 2 times per day

Continuous dosage, from the 6th day:

6 g metylsulfonylmethane, 2 times per day

Dosage content: one slightly heaped measuring spoon = 6 g MSM

Important notice:

It is recommended to administer mineral feed and MSM separately. According to practical recommendations, at least two hours should elapse between the two doses to avoid poorer absorption of trace elements.