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Food supplements and vitamins play an important role in the health and well-being of dogs and cats. In many cases, conventional food cannot provide all the necessary nutrients our furry companions need to thrive optimally.

Vitamins are essential organic compounds that are needed in minute amounts to support a variety of vital functions in the body. In dogs and cats, vitamins can help strengthen the immune system, regulate metabolism, promote growth and development and improve skin and coat health.

Vitamin supplements can be a good way to meet the need for these important nutrients, especially if the conventional food does not provide them sufficiently.

Fortan Cafortan: supplement food for dogs - 300 g can

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Cafortan® Tabletten für Hunde
Cafortan for Dogs - The Basic Backup Contains the widest range of fully effective nutrients specially adapted to the dog's physiology: 13 vitamins6 trace elements4 minerals10 essential amino acidsDry herbs with phytogenic plant substances The biological special power concentrate Cafortan effects by these vital and performance-necessary nutrients: increases general resistancepromotes bone and tooth formationgives a splendid coatincreases feed utilisation and performancecompensates for frequent, disadvantageous nutritional errors (e.g. one-sided feeding from tins, dry food or from the domestic table)ensures breeding and rearing successes The natural balance of ingredients in this dietary supplement for dogs has a mutually supporting, sometimes potentiating effect. This food supplement helps prevent nutrient deficiencies A varied, needs-based and balanced diet for dogs forms the basis for optimal development, health, well-being and performance into old age. That is why it is so important to feed dogs correctly. Our dog in particular is very alienated from its natural food. Only natural food gave the dog all the biological active substances that are vital for him and which are no longer fully contained even in the very best, fresh muscle meat of slaughtered animals. Many of these important, natural nutrients are lost in industrial feed production ? even in premium complete feeds. Even rations made up of meat, offal, cereals, etc., which the farmers themselves put together. (B.A.R.F.) do not guarantee that the dog's daily requirement of all important nutrients is covered. Optimal supply during dog sports and hunting Even during training and in other stressful situations such as exhibitions, hunting or competitive sports, Cafortan ensures an optimum supply through selected ingredients. Regular supplementation of the feed is recommended according to age and need Helps to reduce illnesses and irreparable signs of wear caused by inadequate feed.For the supply of vital substances in the case of a reduction in feed that is necessary for health reasons, in order to avoid the resulting deficiencies.Supports the overall development of bones and muscle formation in young animalsImproves general condition and vitality, especially in older dogs and during convalescence. Calcium and phosphorus are in the most favourable dosage ratio of 2:1 for barfening dogs and are therefore easily absorbed. They can therefore be absorbed and utilised particularly well by the body. Food supplement that dogs like Dogs like Cafortan very much, simply instinctively. If acceptance is a little hesitant at first, it is advisable to put just a few tablets on the dog's stash. Once the instinct is awakened, Cafortan is soon greeted daily with the greatest anticipation. Pregnant and lactating bitches should be given Cafortan regularly to cover their increased needs and to cover losses to the puppies from the time they are laid to the time they are weaned.

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Fortan cervico: Supplementary food for dogs and cats - 300 g can
FORTAN Cervico for dogs and cats - Prevents eczema, itching, hair and skin damage FORTAN Cervico contains biotin, B vitamins, zinc and high-quality proteins: increases performance and general resistance strengthening of the musculature stimulation of the skin metabolism prevents eczema, itching, hair, skin and horn damage to the claws optimal pigmentation Biotin prevents eczema, itching, hair, skin and horn damage of the claws of dogs and cats and ensures optimal pigmentation. Furthermore, biotin plays an important role in protein and energy metabolism. Biotin is not produced by the organism of the dog and cat itself and must therefore be supplied with the food. All vitamins of the B-complex for dogs and cats FORTAN Cervico contains all the vitamins of the B-complex, enriched with vitamins B1 and B12. This ensures an optimal supply of all vitamins that are particularly important for cell division. Furthermore, the vitamins of the B-complex contained in FORTAN Cervico - B1, B2, B6, B12, B15, nicotinic acid, pantothenic acid, folic acid and others - are important for carbohydrate, protein and amino acid metabolism, for coat, growth and energy utilisation. Zinc The trace element zinc is a component of numerous enzymes in protein and carbohydrate metabolism. It is indispensable for the normal development of skin cells. The zinc requirement can increase in long-haired dogs, especially during the hair change, as a result of increased need. In dogs and cats, skin and coat changes are usually the first symptoms of zinc deficiency. The phytic acid contained in cereal or soya components impairs zinc absorption and thus makes it necessary to supplement zinc in the feed rations. High-quality proteins FORTAN Cervico contains high-quality proteins from valuable yeasts, composed of amino acids such as arginine, asparagine, glutamic acid, glycocolla, histidine, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, tryptophane and valine. Vital amino acids must be supplied with food, as they cannot be produced by the body itself. The high proportion of amino acids contained in the food improves the utilisation of animal and vegetable proteins.

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Fortan Keimöl plus: Ergänzungsfutter für Hunde und Katzen - 500 ml Flasche
Germ Oil Plus
FORTAN Germ Oil Plus for Dogs and Cats - Many healthy, unsaturated fatty acids Biologically valuable plant substances have always been used as ingredients in animal feed. With its high-quality animal and vegetable oils, FORTAN Germ Oil Plus represents a primordially healthy diet: Maize germ oil Evening primrose oil Linseed oil Sesame oil Cod liver oil Apart from breast milk, evening primrose oil is the only known source of the biologically particularly active fatty acid, gamma-linolenic acid. FORTAN Germ Oil Plus compensates for the lack of gamma-linolenic acid with its evening primrose oil content. Cod liver oil with 85% unsaturated fatty acids and its natural content of vitamins A and D has proved particularly effective in combination with evening primrose oil in cases of diet-related allergies. Necessary for barfing Prevents diet-related allergies For increased need of vitamins A, D and E Improves skin and coat condition Essential fatty acids must be supplied to dogs and cats in the diet, as the animal organism cannot produce them itself. These fatty acids have properties that are otherwise only found in vitamins. Growing, pregnant, lactating and ageing dogs also need doubly and multiply unsaturated fatty acids as well as vitamins A, D and E. A beautiful, shiny coat thanks to highly unsaturated fatty acids Arachidonic acid, which is extremely important for animal nutrition, is formed in the animal body from the fatty acid linoleic acid. Highly unsaturated fatty acids give a beautiful, shiny coat. A deficiency of vital fatty acids leads to characteristic skin changes, growth disorders and poor food conversion. Germ Oil Plus and Cafortan - an ideal combination Vitamin A is necessary for bone growth and serves to maintain the health and function of the upper skin layers. Vitamin D regulates the metabolism of calcium and phosphorus. Vitamin E fulfils important functions in the control of carbohydrate, creatine and muscle metabolism. When FORTAN Germ Oil Plus and Cafortan® are fed at the same time, the effect of the special vital fatty acids in the animal organism is promoted.

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Fortan Relax-Fortan: Ergänzungsfutter für Hunde und Katzen - 400 g Dose
Relax-Fortan for dogs and cats - To increase serotonin levels Tryptophan, the basic building block for the mood-lifting messenger substance serotonin, which leads to more balanced behaviour and a more positive mood. It inhibits impulsivity and aggression and is an important hormonal counterpart of the stress hormones. A serotonin deficiency in dogs can have many causes, e.g. stress, overstimulation, lack of exercise and also poor nutrition. Serotonin deficiency is often the key factor for abnormalities such as aggression, impulsivity, attention deficit disorder, hyperactivity and anxiety. Direct administration of serotonin is not possible, as it has difficulty crossing the blood-brain barrier. Nevertheless, it is possible to influence the serotonin level by feeding the basic substance of serotonin, the aromatic amino acid tryptophan. Tryptophan belongs to the so-called essential amino acids, i.e. it cannot be produced by the body, but must be supplied through the feed. Relax-Fortan Tabs have an excellent effect on the emotional state and mood of the dog or cat due to their special composition. High-quality vitamins and natural plant raw materials in combination with the amino acid L-tryptophan ensure relaxation and calmness in hyperactive dogs and cats, and increased balance in stress and anxiety situations. It should be noted that tryptophan only reaches the brain under certain conditions and can be converted into serotonin there: It is important to reduce the protein content by adding more carbohydrates to the food, as too much protein prevents the absorption of L-tryptophan, and to ensure that the dog has sufficient magnesium, vitamin B6 and folic acid available, as these substances are needed for serotonin formation.

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Fortan Rote-Bete-Granulat: Einzelfutter - 1000 g Beutel
Beetroot Granules
FORTAN Beetroot Granules for Dogs - For More Vitality Vegetables as a feed ingredient provide your dog with valuable fibre and vitamins, which contribute to healthy feeding. FORTAN Beetroot Granules: an ideal single food as a vegetable component of your dog's food ration. It consists of chopped and gently dried beetroot, without any additives or flavourings. FORTAN Beetroot Granules are recommended: to maintain and promote the dog's vitality for older dogs in regenerative phases after operations or infections for optimal support of blood formation in breeding dogs for overweight dogs or as part of a diet plan As a nutritionally valuable food supplement, beetroot and its special properties have been known for a long time. Beetroot is rich in betaine, a secondary plant substance which, among other things, stimulates the function of liver cells. Beetroot is also rich in natural trace elements They contain plenty of copper, iron, folic acid, chromium, manganese, zinc and selenium, as well as vitamin B12. Folic acid and iron are of central importance in blood formation. "Betaine and folic acid make happy", because they activate messenger substances such as serotonin in the brain for positive feelings. Trace elements such as copper, zinc, manganese and selenium also serve as building materials in many joint diseases. A good supply of these elements is also highly recommended for allergic reactions and skin and coat problems. 110 g of beetroot granules correspond to approx. 1.2 kg of fresh produce and thus provide an extremely high content of active ingredients and fibre.

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Fortan Taurinetten: Ergänzungsfutter für Hunde und Katzen - 300 g Dose
FORTAN Taurinetten for dogs and cats - Additional supply of essential taurine FORTAN Taurinetten contain 300 mg taurine and are a good alternative if cats do not accept the taurine powder in their food. Taurinetten for cats maintain vision, promote metabolism, are important for heart function and improve skin and coat. Taurine is a vital nutrient for cats, which the cat's organism cannot produce sufficiently itself. In order to cover your velvet paw's daily requirement of taurine, FORTAN® Taurinetten should be added as a supplement to the daily food. promotes metabolism maintains eyesight important for heart function helps maintain the body's defences maintains fertility improves skin and coat A permanent lack of essential amino acids can affect your cat's metabolism The amount of taurine contained in cat food is usually lower than the cat's daily requirement, which is mainly due to the strong heating of the food for a longer shelf life. Adding FORTAN Taurinetten compensates for this and provides your cat with sufficient amounts of this vital nutrient. This maintains vision and has a supporting effect on heart function. Reduces skin and coat problems. Also important for dogs However, due to its many health benefits, taurine in the diet remains an important nutrient for dogs as well. Especially since dogs can suffer from a dietary or breed-specific taurine deficiency.

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Fortan vita-Keimöl: Ergänzungsfutter für Hunde - 500 ml Flasche
vita-Germ Oil
FORTAN vita-Germ Oil for Dogs - Vital Germ Oil Active Ingredients, Vitamin A and E FORTAN vita-Germ Oil contains vital germ oil active substances and vitamin E-active substances in combination with vitamin A, which is called the "skin protection vitamin". This sustainably increases the natural resistance to infections. Pure vegetable oils for B.A.R.F. feeding Increases resistance to infections Carotenoids enhance branding and pigmentation Against dry, scaly and itchy skin Rich in unsaturated fatty acids such as linoleic and linolenic acid Extremely effective for metabolism It is excellent for activating fasting and diet cures. Carotenoids - especially beta-carotene - are important micronutrients for skin and body. Beta-carotene is converted into vitamin A by various metabolic processes in the dog and thus indirectly unfolds extremely positive effects for the skin, the visual process and the whole body. Only the amount of beta-carotene that the dog's organism actually needs is utilised. Daily administration of FORTAN vita-Germ Oil facilitates the natural absorption and utilisation of the fat-soluble vitamins A, D and E by the organism. FORTAN vita-Germ Oil is based on germ oils containing 50 % essential and vital fatty acids (also called "vitamin F"). Tasteless: can therefore be added to any feed Mixed with fresh egg yolk (and possibly a little bee honey), it becomes a special treat. Regular doses, depending on the size of the dog, are beneficial for maintaining health. FORTAN vita-Germ Oil also works as a topically applied functional oil: dry, brittle skin becomes supple, functional and protected.

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Fortan Spirulina: Einzelfutter - 300 g Dose
FORTAN Spirulina for dogs and cats - microalgae, strengthens the immune system In general, FORTAN Spirulina is recommended for dogs with lack of energy, dull coat, brittle claws, anaemia, allergies, gastrointestinal and digestive problems. Spirulina does not cause any undesirable side effects even when taken over a longer period of time and is well tolerated. Over 60 vital substances and bioactive compounds Spirulina contains over 60 vital substances and bioactive compounds. Its protein content of about 60 % is unique. Spirulina contains 19 amino acids, eight of which are essential: Isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, tryptophan and valine. The numerous enzymes found in the microalgae influence all metabolic processes, regulate inflammatory reactions, control the flow properties of the blood and strengthen the body's own defence system. The vitamins and minerals contained in spirulina E protects as an antioxidant against free radicals and improves the utilisation of oxygen. B1 (thiamine) ensures good brain function B2 (riboflavin) fulfils important functions for skin and eyes B3 (niacin) improves blood circulation B5 (pantothenic acid) and B6 (pyridoxine) support the nervous system B12 (cyanocobalamin) promotes blood formation Calcium stabilises bone density Iron enables oxygen transport to the cells and prevents anaemia (spirulina contains 45 times more iron than spinach) Potassium regulates the water balance Magnesium strengthens the heart Manganese stimulates the immune system Protects against inflammation, stimulates the body's own defences Also contained are chromium, germanium, copper, selenium and zinc, which stimulates the body's own defences and regulates wound healing. The essential fatty acids present in spirulina, especially gamma-linolenic acid, are also of great value. Spirulina is also rich in beta-carotene, phycocyanin and chlorophyll. The green pigment chlorophyll is a blood former and activates the oxygen supply of the cells. Spirulina has a cleansing, restorative and strengthening effect, sanitises the intestinal flora (accelerates the build-up of lactobacilli) and protects against inflammation. Spirulina is able to bind toxic substances in the body and excrete them via the liver and kidneys.

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Carni-Fortan: supplement food for dogs and cats - 350 g can
Carni-Fortan for dogs and cats - Promotes performance and endurance. L-Carnitine activates the energy metabolism in working, agility and sporting dogs and promotes endurance performance. The specially coordinated supply of nutrients significantly shortens the recovery phase after exertion, optimises the metabolism of the heart and skeletal muscles and improves oxygen transport during peak performance. This puts the dog in a position to achieve peak performance in the long term. Dogs and cats can only produce a limited amount of L-carnitine from the amino acids lysine and methionine L-carnitine supplementation is particularly important in low-meat diets that contain predominantly low-carnitine grain products (e.g. maize and soya). The lack of certain micronutrients - especially L-carnitine, taurine and magnesium - promotes the development of a reduction in cardiac performance, especially in older dogs and some predestined dog breeds. Vitamin E has important control functions in the entire metabolism Nutritional vitamin E deficiency leads to fertility and growth disorders and, in pregnant bitches, to weakness of the puppies.

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