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Supplementary foods play an important role in supporting dogs and cats during their heat and pregnancy. These special phases in a pet's life require extra care and nutrients to ensure their optimal health and well-being.

During heat in bitches, hormonal changes and physical stress can occur. Supplements can play a valuable role in supporting the bitch's organism.

During pregnancy in bitches and cats, it is crucial to take into account the increased nutritional requirements of the expectant mother. Supplementary feed can play an important role here to cover the need for vitamins, minerals and trace elements and thus promote optimal development of the puppies or kittens. Calcium and iron supplements, for example, are essential for bone growth and haematopoiesis in both the mother and the growing young.

Fortan Ladies Tabs: Ergänzungsfutter für Hunde und Katzen - 300 g Dose
Ladies Tabs
FORTAN Ladies Tabs for dogs and cats - Positive effect on fertility Raspberry leaves contain plant tannins, flavonoids as well as vitamin C and minerals. The contained fragrin is said to have positive effect on fertility, in case of heat disorders and complaints, and during childbirth. Strength and decongestion for the uterus Blood circulation is improved and the birth process is facilitated. For the prevention of symptoms in heat During heat, raspberry leaves are given to prevent heat disorders and discomfort.Due to their astringent and blood purifying properties, they can counteract uterine inflammation. Prevention of false pregnancy The contained natural herbs have a positive effect on the symptoms of false pregnancy.

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FORTAN Ophyll for dogs and cats - chlorophyll against body odour Made from the leafy greens of fresh plants, active, water-soluble chlorophyll absorbs and neutralises body odours in dogs and cats. Information for cat owners: Natural - like the cat's own species-specific odour - is the uncoppered chlorophyll contained in FORTAN Ophyll. Body odour is a completely normal phenomenon. It has a special function as a sensible device of nature, it serves as an attractant for the male cat for the preservation of species and breed. FORTAN Ophyll is fed right at the beginning of the cat's heat and for a period of four weeks according to the feeding recommendation. FORTAN Ophyll suppresses body, coat and mouth odour through its deodorising properties. The natural body functions remain unaffected. Body odour is therefore not artificially masked by foreign odour. Information for dog owners: During heat, the bitch's body, coat and mouth odour increase to attract the male dog and thus preserve the species. FORTAN Ophyll absorbs and neutralises this body odour naturally, because the uncoppered chlorophyll it contains is of purely organic origin. The natural body functions of your bitch thus remain unaffected, and the body odour is not masked by a foreign odour. For optimum effect, FORTAN Ophyll should be fed right at the beginning of heat and for four weeks.

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