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Products against ticks are a natural and gentle way to protect our pets from the unpleasant consequences of a tick infestation. They can help to strengthen our pets' defences. These special dietary supplements contain selected ingredients that are known to have a deterrent effect on ticks.

With additional regular checks of the coat and skin, you can protect your animal companion from ticks and enable him to live a carefree life outdoors! Your pet will thank you for it.

Fortan Knobletten: Ergänzungsfutter für Hunde - 400 g Dose
FORTAN Knobletten for Dogs - Strengthening the defences Biologically valuable plant substances have been used as ingredients in animal feed since time immemorial. The wild ancestors of the domestic dog absorbed such plant substances from the stomachs of their prey. Today it is necessary to supplement these forage herbs with the daily diet. Garlic: a plant with special properties The allicin contained in garlic has a general germ-, bacteria- and virus-killing effect. Regular feeding of FORTAN garlic supplements promotes the body's own defences. Garlic strengthens the health balance and has been proven to have a worm-killing effect. Wild garlic: effective supplementary food for dogs Thousands of years ago, garlic was recognised as a plant with very special properties. Wild garlic (bear's garlic) is considered to be original and powerful and has long been regarded as effective supplementary food for dogs. The essential oils of this natural product have a positive effect on the organism, especially in older dogs. The valuable combination of essential oils with sulphur compounds (e.g. allicin) and yeast has a positive effect on the skin and coat.

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