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Minerals play a crucial role in various vital functions in the bodies of our beloved four-legged friends.

The most important minerals include calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium, potassium and zinc. Calcium and phosphorus are particularly important for the development and maintenance of strong bones and teeth. An imbalance of these two minerals can lead to bone problems, such as rickets in puppies or osteoporosis in older animals. It is therefore important to ensure that the pet's diet contains the correct ratio of calcium to phosphorus.

A balanced diet rich in essential minerals helps to ensure that dogs and cats can lead an active and happy life.

Fortan Magnesium-Gluconat: Einzelfutter - 300 g Dose
FORTAN Magnesium-Gluconate for dogs and cats - Harmonises the metabolism FORTAN Magnesium-Gluconate normalises the heart and liver functions and harmonises the metabolism. Especially during pregnancy and the period of suckling, bitches should be fed sufficient magnesium. In extreme situations, gluconate should be administered at regular intervals. Preventing special stresses It is recommended to give FORTAN Calcium Gluconate in the evening and FORTAN Magnesium Gluconate in the morning. This has a positive effect on the particular stress caused by the birth process, for example. Birth cramps (tetany) are largely prevented. The dog's organism also needs an additional dose of magnesium to promote or maintain performance during sporting activities. Muscles and heart can produce more energy, which is why performance increases.

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Fortan Dicalciumphosphat: Einzelfutter - 1000 g Beutel
Dicalcium Phosphate in pharmaceutical quality
FORTAN Dicalcium Phosphate for Dogs and Cats - For a needs-based calcium-phosphorus supply FORTAN Dicalcium Phosphate ensures a calcium-phosphorus supply for dogs that meets their needs. It is the special mineral feed with calcium and phosphorus for the optimal supply of bone structure and teeth. It is indispensable for numerous metabolic processes, as calcium and phosphorus metabolism are closely linked. Food quality Produced in Germany High biological efficiency These two elements are most aptly described by the term 'bone minerals', as they are primarily responsible for the stability of bones. FORTAN Dicalcium Phosphate is characterised by a corresponding conversion of the raw phosphates into a feed phosphate that is easily utilisable by dogs and has a high degree of biological efficiency. Constant calcium/phosphorus concentration in the blood Regular supplementation with FORTAN Dicalcium Phosphate ensures a constant calcium and phosphorus concentration in the blood. The favourable calcium-phosphorus ratio of about 1.3 : 1 prevents degradation from the bone cells and ensures an ideal calcium-phosphorus supply for the whole organism. The need for these two minerals is subject to considerable fluctuations. In some cases, it cannot be fully covered by the standard diet. Puppies, growing, pregnant and lactating dogs need higher amounts of calcium and phosphorus. This can only be compensated for with additional supplements. The greatly increased requirement during the first 3 months of the growth phase, the suckling period and also during the second half of the pregnancy must be taken into account when providing the supply. Only large puppies also need an increased supply between the fourth and sixth month of life. In lactating bitches, the requirement increases to two to five times the maintenance requirement, depending on the number of puppies. Consequently, the daily addition of FORTAN Dicalcium Phosphate to the feed is important. Ideal combination with Cafortan By simultaneously feeding Cafortan with its vitamin D3 content, the calcium uptake and thus the phosphorus utilisation is guaranteed in the best possible way. Due to the high quality requirements of our company, we only offer you this article from goods produced in Germany.

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Fortan cervicorn: straight feed - 600 g bag
FORTAN CERVICORN - Deer horn for dogs - From nature, for natural feeding Our original FORTAN CERVICORN, with the ideal calcium/phosphorus ratio of 2.2 : 1. FORTAN CERVICORN is obtained from the rasped bone substance of deer antlers. It contains, among other things, calcium phosphate, gelatine (bone glue) and particularly valuable collagen with a high glycocoll content. calcium/phosphorus balance in meat feeding strengthens the joint muscles particularly effective against trampling in young dogs stimulation of intestinal peristalsis Acts like a natural roughage With today's feeding, which is usually too "fine", it is particularly important for maintaining the functional efficiency of the stomach and intestines. For optimal peristalsis and passage of food in the large intestine, small amounts of poorly soluble components in the feed are necessary. FORTAN CERVICORN is taken by all dogs as a supplement to their food. Higher doses have no disadvantages. However, regular administration is crucial.

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Fortan Calcium 40: Einzelfutter mit 40 % Calciumcarbonat - 600 g Beutel
Calcium 40 in food grade quality
FORTAN Calcium 40 for dogs and cats - The compensation for an unfavourable mineral content in raw feeding FORTAN Calcium 40 serves to compensate for an unfavourable mineral content, as can occur when feeding phosphorus-rich food in home-made feed rations (B.A.R.F.) or proportionate meat feeding to ready-made feed. Food grade Produced in Germany Feeding phosphorus-rich foods, e.g. meat and offal, results in a relative reduction of calcium levels in the dog's body. This is not surprising, because 100 g of meat contain on average 40 mg of calcium, but 170 mg of phosphorus. This results in a calcium-phosphorus ratio of only 0.2 : 1, which can quickly lead to a calcium deficiency in the dog. Balanced calcium-phosphorus ratio = optimal metabolism A calcium-phosphorus ratio of between 1.3 : 1 and 2 : 1 should be aimed for in the feed rations, depending on the performance requirements. If the recommended ratio is deviated from below 1 : 1, the intake will be negatively affected. This also affects the dog's metabolism. The supply gaps due to extremely low calcium but high phosphorus contents in the feed lead to bone cell degradation as well as an impairment of bone stability and require the targeted supply of calcium. Calcium is the most important mineral for the development and maintenance of the skeletal system and teeth. It is also important for other metabolic functions. It serves to control and regulate processes in the cell membranes. FORTAN Calcium 40 has a high calcium content of 40 %. Due to the high quality requirements of our company, we only offer this article from goods produced in Germany.

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Fortan Calcium-Gluconat: Einzelfutter - 90 g Dose
FORTAN Calcium-Gluconate for Dogs and Cats - Effective in Acute Calcium Deficiency In acute calcium deficiency, FORTAN Calcium-Gluconate works within a very short time, as the highly effective calcium salt is easily absorbed into the bloodstream via the stomach and intestines. In extreme situations, gluconate should be administered at regular intervals. Calcium gluconate is recommended as an evening dose FORTAN Calcium Gluconate is recommended in the evening and FORTAN Magnesium Gluconate in the morning. This has a positive effect on the particular stress caused by the birth process, for example. Birth cramps (tetany) are largely prevented. Only necessary in stress situations Supplementary feeding is not necessary beyond stress situations. This is especially true if the biologically necessary daily doses are ensured, for example by FORTAN Cafortan.

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