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Grooming products for dogs are indispensable companions for maintaining the well-being and health of our beloved four-legged friends. Whether it's grooming, dental hygiene or ear cleaning, these products play a crucial role in maintaining the health and appearance of our pets.

Shampoo for dogs is an important part of pet care and plays a crucial role in the health and well-being of our four-legged friends. Unlike conventional shampoos for humans, these are specially formulated to meet the needs of animals and take into account the pH of their skin. It can also help to combat annoying parasites such as fleas and ticks.

Dental health is an important aspect that should be given special attention. Dental care products can help to reduce plaque and tartar build-up, which in turn reduces the risk of gum disease and promotes the overall health of the pet.

Ear hygiene should also not be neglected. Cleaning solutions specifically for dogs help to remove excess earwax and dirt to prevent possible infections and protect our pets' hearing.

Grooming products play a crucial role in general health care for dogs.

Fortan Zahnpflege: Pflegemittel für Hunde und Katzen - 250 ml Flasche
Dental care
FORTAN Dental Care for Dogs and Cats - For a healthy set of teeth The first problems with dental health often occur in dogs and cats as young as two to three years old. The subsequent dental diseases not only cause the animal pain, but can also damage the entire organism if left untreated. This does not have to be the case, because dog dental care can be just like brushing your dog's teeth - natural and simple! Why should you brush your dog's teeth? It all starts harmlessly and completely unnoticed. Small portions of food residues are further broken down by the bacteria in the mouth cavity. Together with the resulting acids and other metabolic products, plaque is formed, which initially only adheres loosely to the tooth. The plaque and the minerals in the saliva eventually form tartar, which is firmly attached to the tooth surface. This is followed by gingivitis, and later periodontitis and tooth loss. In addition, plaque bacteria invade the interdental spaces and release metabolic products that destroy the connective tissue between teeth and gums. The bacteria under the plaque enter the whole body via the blood system. This can damage vital organs such as the heart and kidneys, and the bacteria are also sometimes responsible for joint inflammation. To remove the centres of inflammation, severely damaged teeth are extracted. In dogs, this is one of the third most common operations. Dental treatments, such as tooth extraction and tartar removal, are by far the most common reason for medical intervention in cats, accounting for over 46%. They are always performed under general anaesthesia and are therefore considered operations. But it doesn't have to come to that. With our dental care tincture for dogs and cats, you can reliably protect your furry darling against plaque and tartar and give him a healthy set of teeth. Regular dental care is not cosmetic, but serious health care. Puppies and young animals can be prepared for it playfully. FORTAN dental care has been produced by us for seventy years now and has been used successfully by pet owners. It is a proven, easy-to-use active care product which has a preventive effect against the accumulation of plaque on the tooth surface and also softens mineralised dental plaque after repeated use. Numerous of our regularly using customers confirm again and again the successful and unhesitating mode of action.

From €10.50*
Fortan Microfaser Fingerling: Pflegeprodukt zur Zahnreinigung von Hunden und Katzen - in einer Hygienebox
Microfibre fingerstall (dental care) in a hygienic storage box
FORTAN Microfibre fingerstall for dogs and cats - The "toothbrush" for your four-legged friend This fingerstall for brushing teeth is especially suitable for the oral care of your four-legged friend. Our toothbrush fingerstall for dogs and cats consists of special BioAktiv Hemosfibre microfibres: 12,000 x more fibres than a toothbrushIncorporated antimicrobial silver ions Use this fingerstall to apply FORTAN dental care, lint-free and safe. Wash the fingerstall out at max. 40°C after each use. Supplied in a hygienic flip-top box.

Fortan Ohrpflege: Pflegemittel für Hunde und Katzen - 250 ml Flasche
Ear Care
FORTAN Ear Care for Dogs and Cats - Care for the important sensory organ: Ear Dogs have a keen sense of hearing from birth. They hear even the softest sounds long before humans perceive them. Dogs are also capable of perceiving very high-pitched sounds. The ear is an important sensory organ for the dog and needs regular care to prevent ear diseases. Prevents inflammation in the ear canal Dirt and earwax in the ear canal can lead to inflammation, especially in dogs with droopy ears. Regular cleaning of the ears is therefore important, as it provides reliable protection against ear dirt and its consequences such as itchy ears, etc. The inside of the ear should be cleaned particularly thoroughly. With FORTAN Ear Care, easy and effortless cleaning of the very sensitive inner ear and the protective outer ear canal is no problem.

From €9.90*
Fortan Glanz-Pflege-Shampoo: Pflegemittel für Hunde und Katzen - 500 ml Flasche
Shine Care Shampoo Concentrate
FORTAN Shine Care Shampoo Concentrate for Dogs and Cats - For a healthy, supple and shiny coat Regular cleaning and care protects against skin diseases, gives a shiny coat, is deodorising and works against dandruff. The moisturising substances in FORTAN Shine Care Shampoo Concentrate keep the skin and coat supple and healthy. With skin-friendly surfactant combinations Skin-friendly surfactant combinations form the basis of this concentrated, very mild and alkali-free foam wash. Natural essential oils and other special active ingredients provide intensive care.

From €15.50*
Fortan Teebaumöl-Shampoo: Pflegemittel für Hunde - 500 ml Flasche
Tea tree oil shampoo
FORTAN Tea Tree Oil Shampoo for Dogs - For dull coat, dandruff and itching This gentle and mild shampoo, based on Australian tea tree oil, cleans, soothes, cares, vitalises and regenerates the skin and coat. The activity of the sebaceous glands is regulated and thus the secretion of grease and the formation of dandruff are noticeably reduced. FORTAN Tea Tree Oil Shampoo gives the coat a fresh shine and keeps the skin supple.

Content: 0.5 Liter (€35.00* / 1 Liter)

Australian Tea Tree Oil
FORTAN Australian Tea Tree Oil for Dogs - For a shiny coat Tea tree oil is one of the most effective essential oils and is extracted from the essence of the Australian tea tree. A new health consciousness demands natural products, even in cosmetic products, which had been forgotten. Anyone who has experienced the natural power of tea tree oil will not want to do without it in their daily lives. An active ingredient of the future in harmony with nature. Not all tea tree oil is the same Not all tea tree oil is the same: The outstanding quality feature of FORTAN Australian Tea Tree Oil lies in its main ingredient with terpinen-4 oil content of 39 % (internat. standard at least 30 %) and the 1.8-cineole content of 3.5 % (internat. standard at most 15 %). Revitalises dry and dull coat FORTAN Australian Tea Tree Oil, applied in a thin layer, is particularly gentle and cares for the dog's stressed, dry skin.

Content: 0.02 Liter (€327.50* / 1 Liter)

Fortan Seidig-Glatt-Shampoo: Pflegemittel für Hunde und Katzen - 500 ml Flasche
Silky Smooth Shampoo Concentrate
FORTAN Silky Smooth Shampoo Concentrate for Dogs - Effective coat care without preservatives and colourants FORTAN Silky Smooth Shampoo is an effective shampoo concentrate made from high-quality raw materials, genuine essential oils and other special active ingredients. No preservativesWithout dyesPerfume-free Mild and moisturising This speciality has a mild and moisturising effect and keeps the skin supple and healthy. As a long-hair shampoo, it helps to detangle the hair with a special silky-loose effect. It also removes dust, dirt, dead skin flakes and sebum.

From €16.50*