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Gastrointestinal feeds are specially developed products designed to support the health and well-being of dogs. Gastrointestinal problems can occur quite frequently in pets and can have various causes, such as stress, food intolerances, infections or an unbalanced diet.

The correct use of feed supplements for the stomach and intestines can help with problems such as diarrhoea, flatulence, constipation or a generally sensitive digestive system. Supplements or single feeds are not intended to replace veterinary treatment, but merely to support it.

Fortan Karotten Pellets: Einzelfutter - 1200 g Beutel
FORTAN Carrots for Dogs - Increases Defence FORTAN Carrots consist of dried and pelletised carrots; a 100% natural product made from fresh red carrots with a high carotene content. 1 kg corresponds to 10 kg of fresh carrots (100 grams of FORTAN Carrots contain 50 mg of carotene). Carrots serve as a valuable source of vitamins, minerals and trace elements. They have a high carotene content (the precursor to vitamin A) and are extremely rich in components of the vitamin B group. A highly effective carbohydrate Carrots contain one highly effective carbohydrate out of more than a hundred ingredients. These are so-called oligogalacturonic acids. These acids can completely block the adhesion of bacteria in concentrations as low as 0.005%. Valuable minerals and trace elements have been found in carrots - mostly in the form of their salts: Magnesium, iron, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, iodine and manganese. The presence of essential oils are also decisive for the positive absorption in the dog's organism. Carrots have: worm-repellent due to essential oils on the structure and function regulation of the skin and mucous membranes growth-promoting blood-forming increases resistance to infections on the metabolic regulation of the liver and thyroid gland improves branding, pigmentation and hair coat Regulates diet-induced diarrhoea or thin stools Puppies often have diet-induced diarrhoea or thin stools. This can be regulated by feeding FORTAN Carrots. Puppies should ideally be given one teaspoon of FORTAN Carrots together with ½ teaspoon of FORTAN Vita Germ Oil or FORTAN Germ Oil plus daily. For older or sick dogs, the recommended feeding amounts can be doubled. Due to the high quality requirements of our company, we only offer this article made from goods produced in Germany.

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Fortan Knobletten: Ergänzungsfutter für Hunde - 400 g Dose
FORTAN Knobletten for Dogs - Strengthening the defences Biologically valuable plant substances have been used as ingredients in animal feed since time immemorial. The wild ancestors of the domestic dog absorbed such plant substances from the stomachs of their prey. Today it is necessary to supplement these forage herbs with the daily diet. Garlic: a plant with special properties The allicin contained in garlic has a general germ-, bacteria- and virus-killing effect. Regular feeding of FORTAN garlic supplements promotes the body's own defences. Garlic strengthens the health balance and has been proven to have a worm-killing effect. Wild garlic: effective supplementary food for dogs Thousands of years ago, garlic was recognised as a plant with very special properties. Wild garlic (bear's garlic) is considered to be original and powerful and has long been regarded as effective supplementary food for dogs. The essential oils of this natural product have a positive effect on the organism, especially in older dogs. The valuable combination of essential oils with sulphur compounds (e.g. allicin) and yeast has a positive effect on the skin and coat.

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Fortan Hagebutten-Früchte: Einzelfutter - 700 g Beutel
Rosehip fruits
FORTAN Rosehip Fruits for Dogs - From controlled organic cultivation FORTAN Rosehip Fruits are an excellent feed supplement with a versatile content of active ingredients: carotene (provitamin A) vitamins B1, B2, K, P, C approx. 15% invert sugar (mixture of fructose and glucose) approx. 10% pectin tannin approx. 2% as well as essential oil, vanillin, citric acid, malic acid, etc. Nutritionally particularly valuable In addition to the strengthening and restorative effect of vitamins, invert sugar, etc., the content of tannin and pectin is particularly valuable from a nutritional point of view. Vitamin C "acidifies" the urine, making the urethra inhospitable to bacteria of all kinds. Also proven for diet cures Some feed bases and compositions or feed changes often lead to digestive problems in dogs. FORTAN Rosehip Fruits naturally lead to problem-free defecation. The daily doses can be excellently integrated into dietary cures.

Content: 0.7 Kilogramm (€28.43* / 1 Kilogramm)