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The cat is a popular companion known for independence and grace.

As a cat owner, you certainly know that cats are very independent animals. They are often independent and prefer to spend their time alone. Nevertheless, they can be very loving and affectionate when they want to be. Cats have a keen sense of social interaction and can form strong bonds with their owners.

Cats are wonderful pets who enchant us with their grace and charm.

Fortan Zahnpflege: Pflegemittel für Hunde und Katzen - 250 ml Flasche
Dental care
FORTAN Dental Care for Dogs and Cats - For a healthy set of teeth The first problems with dental health often occur in dogs and cats as young as two to three years old. The subsequent dental diseases not only cause the animal pain, but can also damage the entire organism if left untreated. This does not have to be the case, because dog dental care can be just like brushing your dog's teeth - natural and simple! Why should you brush your dog's teeth? It all starts harmlessly and completely unnoticed. Small portions of food residues are further broken down by the bacteria in the mouth cavity. Together with the resulting acids and other metabolic products, plaque is formed, which initially only adheres loosely to the tooth. The plaque and the minerals in the saliva eventually form tartar, which is firmly attached to the tooth surface. This is followed by gingivitis, and later periodontitis and tooth loss. In addition, plaque bacteria invade the interdental spaces and release metabolic products that destroy the connective tissue between teeth and gums. The bacteria under the plaque enter the whole body via the blood system. This can damage vital organs such as the heart and kidneys, and the bacteria are also sometimes responsible for joint inflammation. To remove the centres of inflammation, severely damaged teeth are extracted. In dogs, this is one of the third most common operations. Dental treatments, such as tooth extraction and tartar removal, are by far the most common reason for medical intervention in cats, accounting for over 46%. They are always performed under general anaesthesia and are therefore considered operations. But it doesn't have to come to that. With our dental care tincture for dogs and cats, you can reliably protect your furry darling against plaque and tartar and give him a healthy set of teeth. Regular dental care is not cosmetic, but serious health care. Puppies and young animals can be prepared for it playfully. FORTAN dental care has been produced by us for seventy years now and has been used successfully by pet owners. It is a proven, easy-to-use active care product which has a preventive effect against the accumulation of plaque on the tooth surface and also softens mineralised dental plaque after repeated use. Numerous of our regularly using customers confirm again and again the successful and unhesitating mode of action.

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Fortan Microfaser Fingerling: Pflegeprodukt zur Zahnreinigung von Hunden und Katzen - in einer Hygienebox
Microfibre fingerstall (dental care) in a hygienic storage box
FORTAN Microfibre fingerstall for dogs and cats - The "toothbrush" for your four-legged friend This fingerstall for brushing teeth is especially suitable for the oral care of your four-legged friend. Our toothbrush fingerstall for dogs and cats consists of special BioAktiv Hemosfibre microfibres: 12,000 x more fibres than a toothbrushIncorporated antimicrobial silver ions Use this fingerstall to apply FORTAN dental care, lint-free and safe. Wash the fingerstall out at max. 40°C after each use. Supplied in a hygienic flip-top box.

Fortain: Einzelfuttermittel Hämoglobin - 250 g Dose
Fortaïn - Haemoglobin for dogs and cats - Animal proteins for more vitality Animal proteins are a vital nutrient in dog and cat food, providing them with essential amino acids as well as nitrogen. Fortaïn is the pure dry substance of the red blood pigment haemoglobin from pigs. The organic substances of the haemoglobin powder are spray-dried in a gentle process. They consist almost exclusively of raw proteins and valuable iron, the so-called haem iron. The latter is significantly better utilised than non-haem iron. Due to its high digestibility, it is optimally utilised by dogs and cats, as it contains an excellent protein structure of essential amino acids. Ensures the actual "carnivore factor". This is missing in ready-to-eat foods, as they are usually based on simple, predominantly vegetable protein. Plays an important role in muscle development and growth for puppies and kittens. It has proven to be a valuable nutritional basis for strengthening. Also ideally suited for older or sick dogs and cats. During pregnancy, it contributes to a positive development of the foetuses as well as their growth. For vitality and optimal body condition Adult dogs and cats have a continuous need for protein to replace nitrogen losses and for the formation of skin, hair and claws. Animal protein helps older dogs fight infections and other stresses. Vitality and optimal body condition are maintained. Feeding too little animal protein impairs coat growth and makes it look dull and lacklustre. Long-haired dogs in particular need larger amounts of high-quality protein at the time of the coat change. With regard to Aujeszky Virus, we would like to assure you of the following: The haemoglobin we place on the market is subject to the monitoring required in food and feed production at the slaughterhouses. The responsible official veterinarian certifies that the product is made exclusively from raw materials that come from animals slaughtered in EC-approved slaughterhouses under veterinary control. The blood has been dried at an inlet temperature of at least 280 °C for a period of at least 30 seconds (spray drying method) and an outlet temperature of at least 80 °C. At approx. 60 °C the virus is demonstrably killed. The production of the haemoglobin powder was carried out under food-hygienic conditions.

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Fortan Magnesium-Gluconat: Einzelfutter - 300 g Dose
FORTAN Magnesium-Gluconate for dogs and cats - Harmonises the metabolism FORTAN Magnesium-Gluconate normalises the heart and liver functions and harmonises the metabolism. Especially during pregnancy and the period of suckling, bitches should be fed sufficient magnesium. In extreme situations, gluconate should be administered at regular intervals. Preventing special stresses It is recommended to give FORTAN Calcium Gluconate in the evening and FORTAN Magnesium Gluconate in the morning. This has a positive effect on the particular stress caused by the birth process, for example. Birth cramps (tetany) are largely prevented. The dog's organism also needs an additional dose of magnesium to promote or maintain performance during sporting activities. Muscles and heart can produce more energy, which is why performance increases.

Content: 0.3 Kilogramm (€86.50* / 1 Kilogramm)

Fortan cervico: Supplementary food for dogs and cats - 300 g can
FORTAN Cervico for dogs and cats - Prevents eczema, itching, hair and skin damage FORTAN Cervico contains biotin, B vitamins, zinc and high-quality proteins: increases performance and general resistance strengthening of the musculature stimulation of the skin metabolism prevents eczema, itching, hair, skin and horn damage to the claws optimal pigmentation Biotin prevents eczema, itching, hair, skin and horn damage of the claws of dogs and cats and ensures optimal pigmentation. Furthermore, biotin plays an important role in protein and energy metabolism. Biotin is not produced by the organism of the dog and cat itself and must therefore be supplied with the food. All vitamins of the B-complex for dogs and cats FORTAN Cervico contains all the vitamins of the B-complex, enriched with vitamins B1 and B12. This ensures an optimal supply of all vitamins that are particularly important for cell division. Furthermore, the vitamins of the B-complex contained in FORTAN Cervico - B1, B2, B6, B12, B15, nicotinic acid, pantothenic acid, folic acid and others - are important for carbohydrate, protein and amino acid metabolism, for coat, growth and energy utilisation. Zinc The trace element zinc is a component of numerous enzymes in protein and carbohydrate metabolism. It is indispensable for the normal development of skin cells. The zinc requirement can increase in long-haired dogs, especially during the hair change, as a result of increased need. In dogs and cats, skin and coat changes are usually the first symptoms of zinc deficiency. The phytic acid contained in cereal or soya components impairs zinc absorption and thus makes it necessary to supplement zinc in the feed rations. High-quality proteins FORTAN Cervico contains high-quality proteins from valuable yeasts, composed of amino acids such as arginine, asparagine, glutamic acid, glycocolla, histidine, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, tryptophane and valine. Vital amino acids must be supplied with food, as they cannot be produced by the body itself. The high proportion of amino acids contained in the food improves the utilisation of animal and vegetable proteins.

From €15.95*
Salmon Oil
FORTAN Salmon Oil for Dogs and Cats  Salmon oil is rich in omega-3 (14 %), omega-6 (18.2 %) and omega-9 fatty acids (44.9 %). Salmon oil can be added to normal dog and cat food as a daily feed supplement: Ideally suited for refining and improving the absorption of dry food. Ideal as a supplement for barfing.

From €12.90*
Fortan Keimöl plus: Ergänzungsfutter für Hunde und Katzen - 500 ml Flasche
Germ Oil Plus
FORTAN Germ Oil Plus for Dogs and Cats - Many healthy, unsaturated fatty acids Biologically valuable plant substances have always been used as ingredients in animal feed. With its high-quality animal and vegetable oils, FORTAN Germ Oil Plus represents a primordially healthy diet: Maize germ oil Evening primrose oil Linseed oil Sesame oil Cod liver oil Apart from breast milk, evening primrose oil is the only known source of the biologically particularly active fatty acid, gamma-linolenic acid. FORTAN Germ Oil Plus compensates for the lack of gamma-linolenic acid with its evening primrose oil content. Cod liver oil with 85% unsaturated fatty acids and its natural content of vitamins A and D has proved particularly effective in combination with evening primrose oil in cases of diet-related allergies. Necessary for barfing Prevents diet-related allergies For increased need of vitamins A, D and E Improves skin and coat condition Essential fatty acids must be supplied to dogs and cats in the diet, as the animal organism cannot produce them itself. These fatty acids have properties that are otherwise only found in vitamins. Growing, pregnant, lactating and ageing dogs also need doubly and multiply unsaturated fatty acids as well as vitamins A, D and E. A beautiful, shiny coat thanks to highly unsaturated fatty acids Arachidonic acid, which is extremely important for animal nutrition, is formed in the animal body from the fatty acid linoleic acid. Highly unsaturated fatty acids give a beautiful, shiny coat. A deficiency of vital fatty acids leads to characteristic skin changes, growth disorders and poor food conversion. Germ Oil Plus and Cafortan - an ideal combination Vitamin A is necessary for bone growth and serves to maintain the health and function of the upper skin layers. Vitamin D regulates the metabolism of calcium and phosphorus. Vitamin E fulfils important functions in the control of carbohydrate, creatine and muscle metabolism. When FORTAN Germ Oil Plus and Cafortan® are fed at the same time, the effect of the special vital fatty acids in the animal organism is promoted.

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Fortan Ohrpflege: Pflegemittel für Hunde und Katzen - 250 ml Flasche
Ear Care
FORTAN Ear Care for Dogs and Cats - Care for the important sensory organ: Ear Dogs have a keen sense of hearing from birth. They hear even the softest sounds long before humans perceive them. Dogs are also capable of perceiving very high-pitched sounds. The ear is an important sensory organ for the dog and needs regular care to prevent ear diseases. Prevents inflammation in the ear canal Dirt and earwax in the ear canal can lead to inflammation, especially in dogs with droopy ears. Regular cleaning of the ears is therefore important, as it provides reliable protection against ear dirt and its consequences such as itchy ears, etc. The inside of the ear should be cleaned particularly thoroughly. With FORTAN Ear Care, easy and effortless cleaning of the very sensitive inner ear and the protective outer ear canal is no problem.

From €9.90*
Fortan Glykan Compact: Ergänzungsfutter für Hunde und Katzen - 400 g Dose
Glykan® Compact Tabletten
FORTAN Glykan Compact for dogs and cats - green-lipped mussel extract for healthy joints The anti-inflammatory properties of the mussel Perna canaliculus, which only grows in the waters of New Zealand, were only discovered in the mid-70s. Since then, the mussel has been used in food supplements for humans and animals. Animal studies have further underlined the beneficial effects of the green-lipped mussel's components. Mussel extract from New Zealand Strengthens cartilage, tendons and ligaments Three important ingredients Green lipped mussel extract contains three important components that are necessary for healthy joints: Glycosaminoglycans (GAG), Omega-3 fatty acids (especially DHA, EPA and alpha-linolenic acid) and a unique phosphorylated glycogen molecule. Each substance on its own has been shown to be an important element in promoting healthy joints. In combination, these three substances exhibit a synergistic effect that accounts for the anti-inflammatory phenomenon, exceeding the sum of the effects of the individual substances. Green-lipped mussel powder is also an excellent supplement to glucosamine and chondroitin for joint problems. Mussel flesh extract with unique building substances The many building materials (vital substances) contained in mussel flesh extract are unique. In addition to the GAG (glycosaminoglycans), the mussel extract contains 10 different minerals, 18 L-amino acids that are extremely important for the organism, omega-3 fatty acids, enzymes and trace elements for the nutrition of connective tissue and cartilage. Since neither cartilage nor connective tissue are supplied with blood, these tissues must be nourished in a different way. This is done by diffusion, a movement of fluids, between synovia (synovial fluid), cartilage and connective tissue. A prerequisite for this is that sufficient synovia is available and sufficient water is stored in cartilage and connective tissue. Glycosaminoglycans serve as water reservoirs in cartilage and connective tissue, are thus responsible for the shock-absorbing function of the joints and help to form new synovia. They also rebuild missing cartilage and stabilise the ligaments and joint capsule.

From €53.00*
Fortan Biotin-plus MSM und B-Komplex Tabs: Ergänzungsfutter für Hunde und Katzen - 400 g Dose
Biotin-plus MSM Tabs
FORTAN Biotin plus MSM for dogs and cats - Bright and shiny coat Biotin, the vitamin not only for skin and hair, has a decisive effect on metabolic and cell division processes in the organism of our pets. It influences carbohydrate and protein metabolism and also plays an important role in the cell nucleus. Biotin is also needed for the synthesis and breakdown of fatty acids (e.g. conversion of linoleic acid to omega-3 fatty acids) and for the breakdown of some important amino acids (methionine, isoleucine, threonine, valine). Its most visible effect: radiant, shiny coat, by improving the structure of the coat and skin and the growth of the dog's undercoat. No matter whether you feed your pet mainly dry food, wet food or BARF - your pet usually gets certain amounts of biotin in its diet. However, in some cases or in certain situations, such as the change of coat in long-haired dogs or cats, a nutritional biotin deficiency can occur. Signs of biotin deficiency are particularly brittle, dull coat, hair loss, itching, dandruff, tendency to eczema or brittle claws. Important: for pregnant and lactating dogs or cats: cover the increased biotin requirement with a high-dose cure.

From €14.50*
Fortan Relax-Fortan: Ergänzungsfutter für Hunde und Katzen - 400 g Dose
Relax-Fortan for dogs and cats - To increase serotonin levels Tryptophan, the basic building block for the mood-lifting messenger substance serotonin, which leads to more balanced behaviour and a more positive mood. It inhibits impulsivity and aggression and is an important hormonal counterpart of the stress hormones. A serotonin deficiency in dogs can have many causes, e.g. stress, overstimulation, lack of exercise and also poor nutrition. Serotonin deficiency is often the key factor for abnormalities such as aggression, impulsivity, attention deficit disorder, hyperactivity and anxiety. Direct administration of serotonin is not possible, as it has difficulty crossing the blood-brain barrier. Nevertheless, it is possible to influence the serotonin level by feeding the basic substance of serotonin, the aromatic amino acid tryptophan. Tryptophan belongs to the so-called essential amino acids, i.e. it cannot be produced by the body, but must be supplied through the feed. Relax-Fortan Tabs have an excellent effect on the emotional state and mood of the dog or cat due to their special composition. High-quality vitamins and natural plant raw materials in combination with the amino acid L-tryptophan ensure relaxation and calmness in hyperactive dogs and cats, and increased balance in stress and anxiety situations. It should be noted that tryptophan only reaches the brain under certain conditions and can be converted into serotonin there: It is important to reduce the protein content by adding more carbohydrates to the food, as too much protein prevents the absorption of L-tryptophan, and to ensure that the dog has sufficient magnesium, vitamin B6 and folic acid available, as these substances are needed for serotonin formation.

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Fortan Ladies Tabs: Ergänzungsfutter für Hunde und Katzen - 300 g Dose
Ladies Tabs
FORTAN Ladies Tabs for dogs and cats - Positive effect on fertility Raspberry leaves contain plant tannins, flavonoids as well as vitamin C and minerals. The contained fragrin is said to have positive effect on fertility, in case of heat disorders and complaints, and during childbirth. Strength and decongestion for the uterus Blood circulation is improved and the birth process is facilitated. For the prevention of symptoms in heat During heat, raspberry leaves are given to prevent heat disorders and discomfort.Due to their astringent and blood purifying properties, they can counteract uterine inflammation. Prevention of false pregnancy The contained natural herbs have a positive effect on the symptoms of false pregnancy.

From €15.50*
Fortan Plu-Fortan Protect: Ergänzungsfutter für Hunde und Katzen - 350 g Dose
Plu-Fortan® Protect Tabletten
Plu-Fortan Protect for dogs and cats - regulation and stabilisation of the joint metabolism In dogs, the connective tissue represents the largest interconnected organ unit. Dogs of all breeds, sizes and ages need valuable nutrients for smooth functioning of the musculoskeletal system and joints. Relieves joint pain and inflammation Glucosamine not only stimulates cartilage production, but also relieves joint pain and inflammation. It strengthens the body's natural repair mechanisms. Cartilage and joints are supplied with important anabolic nutrients. This promotes joint movement, mobility, flexibility and elasticity of the cartilage, while building a layer of cartilage for long-lasting well-being. For pain-free, smooth and supple movement Chondroitin prevents cartilage-damaging substances and enzymes from extracting water from the cartilage, and at the same time it stimulates the production of glucosamine and collagen. The lubrication of the joints is significantly improved. MSM - Methyl-Sulfonyl-Methane MSM is a natural sulphur compound that is vital to every metabolism with its all-encompassing functionality. Sulphur is necessary to form collagen, the primary component of cartilage, connective tissue and tendons All the ingredients contained in Plu-Fortan® Protect provide a nutritive supply of all the building blocks necessary for natural mobility and elasticity.

From €53.95*
Fortan Catfortan: supplement feed for cats - 300 g can
CATFORTAN® Tabletten für Katzen
CATFORTAN for Cats - Biologically Active Vitamins contains the widest range of fully effective substances specially adapted to the cat's physiology: essential vitaminsessential taurineMineralsTrace elements10 essential amino acids The natural balance of ingredients has a mutually supporting, sometimes potentiating effect. This dietary supplement specifically for cats helps prevent nutrient deficiencies A varied, needs-based and balanced diet for cats forms the basis for optimal development, health, well-being and performance into old age. That is why it is so important to feed the cat correctly. Especially our cat is very much alienated from its original food. This was the only food that gave the cat all the biological active substances that are vital for it and which are no longer fully contained even in the very best, fresh muscle meat of slaughtered animals. In industrial feed production - even in premium complete feeds - many of these important, natural nutrients are lost. Regular supplementation of the feed, adapted to the respective age and needs, is recommended Helps to reduce diseases and irreparable signs of wear and tear caused by inadequate feed.For the supply of vital substances in the case of a reduction in feed that is necessary for health reasons, in order to avoid the resulting deficiencies.Supports the overall development of bones and muscle formation in kittens. Cats have an unusually high need for taurine for their numerous for their numerous metabolic functions. Only regular supplementary feeding of taurine will ensure a minimum basic supply. Cats that temporarily have an increased need for biological agents (dams during gestation and lactation, studs as well as sick and convalescing cats) should be given twice the daily dose. Likewise older cats, which often have absolute deficiencies in the biological organ supply (age-related resorption disorders).

From €11.50*
Fortan Bierhefe-Tabs: Ergänzungsfutter für Hunde und Katzen - 400 g Dose
Brewer's Yeast Tabs
FORTAN Brewer's Yeast Tabs for Dogs and Cats - For multibiotic power FORTAN Brewer's Yeast Tabs are made from 100% real brewer's yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae). This is particularly significant because only genuine brewer's yeast contains the polyphenols (alpha and beta acids) of the hops added during the brewing process. Increasing resistance, especially in stressful and stressful situations Optimisation of digestive processes Natural vitamin and active substance supply In addition to the long known effects of brewer's yeast, the ingredients of hops, which are only found in genuine brewer's yeast, have antioxidant, astringent and bacteriostatic effects. Due to the composition of these brewer's yeast tablets for dogs and cats, the quality can be sustainably optimised in a natural and healthy way through the regular addition to food mixtures - whether ready-made food or self-prepared rations (e.g. BARF). In addition, the high content of nucleotides, amino acids, B vitamins and trace elements supports breeding, growth and above all the external appearance of dogs and cats.

From €15.50*
Fortan Dicalciumphosphat: Einzelfutter - 1000 g Beutel
Dicalcium Phosphate in pharmaceutical quality
FORTAN Dicalcium Phosphate for Dogs and Cats - For a needs-based calcium-phosphorus supply FORTAN Dicalcium Phosphate ensures a calcium-phosphorus supply for dogs that meets their needs. It is the special mineral feed with calcium and phosphorus for the optimal supply of bone structure and teeth. It is indispensable for numerous metabolic processes, as calcium and phosphorus metabolism are closely linked. Food quality Produced in Germany High biological efficiency These two elements are most aptly described by the term 'bone minerals', as they are primarily responsible for the stability of bones. FORTAN Dicalcium Phosphate is characterised by a corresponding conversion of the raw phosphates into a feed phosphate that is easily utilisable by dogs and has a high degree of biological efficiency. Constant calcium/phosphorus concentration in the blood Regular supplementation with FORTAN Dicalcium Phosphate ensures a constant calcium and phosphorus concentration in the blood. The favourable calcium-phosphorus ratio of about 1.3 : 1 prevents degradation from the bone cells and ensures an ideal calcium-phosphorus supply for the whole organism. The need for these two minerals is subject to considerable fluctuations. In some cases, it cannot be fully covered by the standard diet. Puppies, growing, pregnant and lactating dogs need higher amounts of calcium and phosphorus. This can only be compensated for with additional supplements. The greatly increased requirement during the first 3 months of the growth phase, the suckling period and also during the second half of the pregnancy must be taken into account when providing the supply. Only large puppies also need an increased supply between the fourth and sixth month of life. In lactating bitches, the requirement increases to two to five times the maintenance requirement, depending on the number of puppies. Consequently, the daily addition of FORTAN Dicalcium Phosphate to the feed is important. Ideal combination with Cafortan By simultaneously feeding Cafortan with its vitamin D3 content, the calcium uptake and thus the phosphorus utilisation is guaranteed in the best possible way. Due to the high quality requirements of our company, we only offer you this article from goods produced in Germany.

From €21.50*
Fortan Glykan: Ergänzungsfutter für Hunde und Katzen - 300 g Dose
Glykan® Pulver
FORTAN Glycan for dogs and cats - For smooth functioning of the musculoskeletal system In dogs, the connective tissue is the largest interconnected organ unit. Dogs of all breeds, sizes and ages need valuable nutrients for smooth functioning of the musculoskeletal system and joints. Intact connective tissue = better performance Performance and other factors depend on the intact condition of the connective tissue. The essential substance of connective tissue and cartilage mass consists of glycosaminoglycans. These must be constantly replenished by the organism through the food chain. They give elasticity to the tissue and ensure the formation of cartilage, tendons, ligaments, intervertebral discs and synovial fluid. Cartilage in particular consists of collagen fibres and a gel that is very similar to the substance of glycosaminoglycans. Therefore, the provision of these building blocks, which promote and stabilise connective tissue metabolism, is essential. Mussel extract from New Zealand FORTAN Glycan consists of 20 % mussel extract from the New Zealand farmed mussel (Perna canaliculus) with glycosaminoglycans, collagen hydrolysate as well as herbs and minerals. These glycans are concentrated in the New Zealand mussel. They therefore provide an important basic ingredient in the production of FORTAN Glycan. Especially recommended for young dogs of large breeds The glycosaminoglycan requirement and consumption of such glycans is significantly increased, especially in young dogs of large breeds. The same applies to performance dogs and especially to older dogs, which lose their joy of movement with increasing age. The mobility of the joints, the resilience of the connective and supporting tissue and the joy of movement are preserved for longer.

From €23.50*
FORTAN Ophyll for dogs and cats - chlorophyll against body odour Made from the leafy greens of fresh plants, active, water-soluble chlorophyll absorbs and neutralises body odours in dogs and cats. Information for cat owners: Natural - like the cat's own species-specific odour - is the uncoppered chlorophyll contained in FORTAN Ophyll. Body odour is a completely normal phenomenon. It has a special function as a sensible device of nature, it serves as an attractant for the male cat for the preservation of species and breed. FORTAN Ophyll is fed right at the beginning of the cat's heat and for a period of four weeks according to the feeding recommendation. FORTAN Ophyll suppresses body, coat and mouth odour through its deodorising properties. The natural body functions remain unaffected. Body odour is therefore not artificially masked by foreign odour. Information for dog owners: During heat, the bitch's body, coat and mouth odour increase to attract the male dog and thus preserve the species. FORTAN Ophyll absorbs and neutralises this body odour naturally, because the uncoppered chlorophyll it contains is of purely organic origin. The natural body functions of your bitch thus remain unaffected, and the body odour is not masked by a foreign odour. For optimum effect, FORTAN Ophyll should be fed right at the beginning of heat and for four weeks.

Content: 0.3 Kilogramm (€119.67* / 1 Kilogramm)

Fortan Taurinetten: Ergänzungsfutter für Hunde und Katzen - 300 g Dose
FORTAN Taurinetten for dogs and cats - Additional supply of essential taurine FORTAN Taurinetten contain 300 mg taurine and are a good alternative if cats do not accept the taurine powder in their food. Taurinetten for cats maintain vision, promote metabolism, are important for heart function and improve skin and coat. Taurine is a vital nutrient for cats, which the cat's organism cannot produce sufficiently itself. In order to cover your velvet paw's daily requirement of taurine, FORTAN® Taurinetten should be added as a supplement to the daily food. promotes metabolism maintains eyesight important for heart function helps maintain the body's defences maintains fertility improves skin and coat A permanent lack of essential amino acids can affect your cat's metabolism The amount of taurine contained in cat food is usually lower than the cat's daily requirement, which is mainly due to the strong heating of the food for a longer shelf life. Adding FORTAN Taurinetten compensates for this and provides your cat with sufficient amounts of this vital nutrient. This maintains vision and has a supporting effect on heart function. Reduces skin and coat problems. Also important for dogs However, due to its many health benefits, taurine in the diet remains an important nutrient for dogs as well. Especially since dogs can suffer from a dietary or breed-specific taurine deficiency.

From €13.90*
Fortan Nachtkerzenöl: Einzelfutter - 500 ml Flasche
Evening Primrose Oil
Evening Primrose Oil for Dogs and Cats - Itch-Relieving EffectDiscover the Soothing Effect of Evening Primrose Oil for Your Pet Evening Primrose Oil is a natural remedy specifically developed to relieve itching and skin irritations in dogs and cats. Evening Primrose Oil, alongside breast milk, is the only known source of the biologically active fatty acid Gamma-Linolenic Acid (GLA). The oil is suitable for both internal and external use and offers a wide range of effects due to its particularly high content of polyunsaturated, essential fatty acids, especially the rare Gamma-Linolenic Acid (at least 9% GLA). It is particularly helpful for persistent skin and coat problems such as itching in dogs and cats.Benefits of Evening Primrose Oil:Promotes vitality and supports the natural functions of the skinEnsures a strong and shiny coatEconomical in useOur high-quality Evening Primrose Oil is sourced from a German farmer, ensuring the highest quality and purity. Trust in a product that is sustainably and regionally produced. Since it is a natural product, the color of the oil may change. This is a sign of its natural origin and does not affect its quality or effectiveness.Application Note:For animals with epilepsy, the administration of GLA-rich Evening Primrose Oil should be discussed with the treating veterinarian. Choose Evening Primrose Oil and naturally support the health and well-being of your pet!

Content: 0.5 Liter (€59.00* / 1 Liter)

Fortan Glanz-Pflege-Shampoo: Pflegemittel für Hunde und Katzen - 500 ml Flasche
Shine Care Shampoo Concentrate
FORTAN Shine Care Shampoo Concentrate for Dogs and Cats - For a healthy, supple and shiny coat Regular cleaning and care protects against skin diseases, gives a shiny coat, is deodorising and works against dandruff. The moisturising substances in FORTAN Shine Care Shampoo Concentrate keep the skin and coat supple and healthy. With skin-friendly surfactant combinations Skin-friendly surfactant combinations form the basis of this concentrated, very mild and alkali-free foam wash. Natural essential oils and other special active ingredients provide intensive care.

From €15.50*
Fortan Seealgen: Einzelfutter - 900 g Beutel
Seaweed meal
FORTAN Seealgen für Hunde und Katzen - Fördert die Pigmentierung Meeresalgen (ascophyllum nodosum) enthalten eine Vielzahl von Mineralstoffen, zudem Proteine, Aminosäuren, Spurenelemente, Vitamine und Phytohormone und insbesondere Jod. Der erwünschte natürliche Jodgehalt ist in den meisten Futtermitteln nicht vorhanden und kann mit dem Seealgenmehl angepasst werden. Anregung der Zellerneuerung Die gesundheitsfördernde Wirkung von Meeresalgen ist auch bei Hautkrankheiten und zur Vitalitätssteigerung bekannt. Sie regen den Hautstoffwechsel an, stimulieren die Zellerneuerung und wirken entzündungshemmend. Die natürlich enthaltenen Vitamine A, C und E gehören zu den Radikalfängern. Unterstützt die Entgiftung Die Meeresbraunalge unterstützt die Entgiftung des Körpers durch natürliches Selen. Verstärkt Brand und Pigmentierung Das hochkonzentrierte reine Naturprodukt fördert hervorragend die anlagebedingte Pigmentierung von Fell, Augen, Nase und Pfoten. Selbst helle Nasenspiegel werden wieder dunkler und ausdrucksvoller.

From €21.50*
Fortan Calcium 40: Einzelfutter mit 40 % Calciumcarbonat - 600 g Beutel
Calcium 40 in food grade quality
FORTAN Calcium 40 for dogs and cats - The compensation for an unfavourable mineral content in raw feeding FORTAN Calcium 40 serves to compensate for an unfavourable mineral content, as can occur when feeding phosphorus-rich food in home-made feed rations (B.A.R.F.) or proportionate meat feeding to ready-made feed. Food grade Produced in Germany Feeding phosphorus-rich foods, e.g. meat and offal, results in a relative reduction of calcium levels in the dog's body. This is not surprising, because 100 g of meat contain on average 40 mg of calcium, but 170 mg of phosphorus. This results in a calcium-phosphorus ratio of only 0.2 : 1, which can quickly lead to a calcium deficiency in the dog. Balanced calcium-phosphorus ratio = optimal metabolism A calcium-phosphorus ratio of between 1.3 : 1 and 2 : 1 should be aimed for in the feed rations, depending on the performance requirements. If the recommended ratio is deviated from below 1 : 1, the intake will be negatively affected. This also affects the dog's metabolism. The supply gaps due to extremely low calcium but high phosphorus contents in the feed lead to bone cell degradation as well as an impairment of bone stability and require the targeted supply of calcium. Calcium is the most important mineral for the development and maintenance of the skeletal system and teeth. It is also important for other metabolic functions. It serves to control and regulate processes in the cell membranes. FORTAN Calcium 40 has a high calcium content of 40 %. Due to the high quality requirements of our company, we only offer this article from goods produced in Germany.

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Fortan Rein-Casein: Einzelfutter - 300 g Dose
FORTAN Pure-Casein for Dogs and Cats - Concentrated milk protein With 3 %, casein is the most important protein component of milk. Casein is a sulphur-containing glycoprotein with phosphate content, rich in glutamic acid and nitrogen. FORTAN Pure-Casein contains 100% casein with all its components. This gives it excellent nutritional value, makes it a particularly valuable tonic and preserves the body's resistance. A benefit for pregnant and lactating dams FORTAN Pure-Casein is particularly suitable for: pregnant and lactating bitches and cats sick dogs, cats and puppies (especially when reared without mother's milk) performance dogs and stud dogs Due to the high quality requirements of our company, we only offer you this article from goods produced in Germany.

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