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Silky Smooth Shampoo Concentrate


Content: 0.5 Liter (€33.00* / 1 Liter)

Available, delivery time: 1-3 days

Product number: 611
Weight: 0.62 kg
Our benefits
  • Shampoo concentrate for easier wet combing
  • Specially for long and silky-haired breeds
  • High-quality raw materials - without animal ingredients
  • Mild and moisturising - without artificial fragrances
  • vegan surfactants
Product information "Silky Smooth Shampoo Concentrate"

FORTAN Silky Smooth Shampoo Concentrate for Dogs - Effective coat care without preservatives and colourants

FORTAN Silky Smooth Shampoo is an effective shampoo concentrate made from high-quality raw materials, genuine essential oils and other special active ingredients.

  • No preservatives
  • Without dyes
  • Perfume-free

Mild and moisturising

This speciality has a mild and moisturising effect and keeps the skin supple and healthy.

As a long-hair shampoo, it helps to detangle the hair with a special silky-loose effect.

It also removes dust, dirt, dead skin flakes and sebum.

Grooming product for dogs and cats


vegan surfactant combinations, glycerine, citric acid, allantoin, essential oils, water


Brush the dry coat well before bathing.

Depending on the breed size and hairiness of the dog, dissolve approx. one to three tablespoons - more if needed - in a little warm water.

Wet the coat well, pre-wash with half of the solution and then rinse.

Wash thoroughly with the rest of the solution and comb out at the same time with a wide-toothed comb. Finally, rinse thoroughly, towel dry and comb dry.


After each bath, protect and care for the dog's ears with FORTAN Ear Care.

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