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Plu-Fortan® Protect Tabletten


Content: 0.35 Kilogramm (€154.14* / 1 Kilogramm)

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Product number: 556
Weight: 0.43 kg
Our benefits
  • Regulation and stabilisation of joint metabolism
  • glucosamine relieves joint pain and inflammation
  • chondroitin to improve joint lubrication
  • MSM to form collagen
Product information "Plu-Fortan® Protect Tabletten"

Plu-Fortan Protect for dogs and cats - regulation and stabilisation of the joint metabolism

In dogs, the connective tissue represents the largest interconnected organ unit.
Dogs of all breeds, sizes and ages need valuable nutrients for smooth functioning of the musculoskeletal system and joints.

Relieves joint pain and inflammation

Glucosamine not only stimulates cartilage production, but also relieves joint pain and inflammation. It strengthens the body's natural repair mechanisms.

Cartilage and joints are supplied with important anabolic nutrients. This promotes joint movement, mobility, flexibility and elasticity of the cartilage, while building a layer of cartilage for long-lasting well-being.

For pain-free, smooth and supple movement

Chondroitin prevents cartilage-damaging substances and enzymes from extracting water from the cartilage, and at the same time it stimulates the production of glucosamine and collagen.

The lubrication of the joints is significantly improved.

MSM - Methyl-Sulfonyl-Methane

MSM is a natural sulphur compound that is vital to every metabolism with its all-encompassing functionality. Sulphur is necessary to form collagen, the primary component of cartilage, connective tissue and tendons

All the ingredients contained in Plu-Fortan® Protect provide a nutritive supply of all the building blocks necessary for natural mobility and elasticity.

Supplementary feed for dogs and cats


D-Glucosamine HCL 22 %, yeasts, chondroitin sulphate 18 %, MSM (methyl sulphonyl methane) 11 %, minerals, vegetable by-products

Guaranteed analysis:

Crude protein 24 %, crude oils and fats 2.5 %, crude ash 12.5 %, crude fibre 3.0 %

Feeding recommendation:

The recommended initial administration period is 4–6 weeks. Thereafter, the number of Plu-Fortan® Protect chewable tablets can be reduced to the level for continuous use.

Initial administration (4 - 6 weeks):

Quantity per day
up to 4,5 kg
½ tablet
up to 10 kg
2 tablets (1 morning, 1 evening)
up to 25 kg
4 tablets (2 morning, 2 evening)
up to 40 kg
6 tablets (3 morning, 3 evening)
40 kg +
8 tablets (4 morning, 4 evening)
Continuous use:

Quantity per day
up to 4,5 kg
½ tablet
up to 10 kg
1 tablet
up to 25 kg
2 tablets
up to 40 kg
3 tablets
40 kg +
4 tablets

1 tablet = 1.000 mg contains: 220 mg Glucosamine, 180 mg Chondroitin, 110 mg MSM.

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