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Ear Care

Product information "Ear Care"

FORTAN Ear Care for Dogs and Cats - Care for the important sensory organ: Ear

Dogs have a keen sense of hearing from birth. They hear even the softest sounds long before humans perceive them.

Dogs are also capable of perceiving very high-pitched sounds.

The ear is an important sensory organ for the dog and needs regular care to prevent ear diseases.

Prevents inflammation in the ear canal

Dirt and earwax in the ear canal can lead to inflammation, especially in dogs with droopy ears.

Regular cleaning of the ears is therefore important, as it provides reliable protection against ear dirt and its consequences such as itchy ears, etc.

The inside of the ear should be cleaned particularly thoroughly.

With FORTAN Ear Care, easy and effortless cleaning of the very sensitive inner ear and the protective outer ear canal is no problem.

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Grooming product for dogs and cats


Alcohol, propanediol, essential oils, cetyl alcohol, glycerin, water


Does not contain camomile, as camomile flowers, being a composite herb, often cause allergies.


Once a week, spread one to three pipettes of the hand-warm preparation on the inner auricle.
Then gently massage this in, which the dog usually finds pleasant.
Afterwards, all the bays of the auricle should be carefully cleaned with cotton wool placed around the index finger.

Important notices:

Please do not use cotton buds, as this will push the dirt even further into the ear canal.

For dogs with a lot of hair in the external auditory canal, it is recommended to pluck it out carefully.

Unlike cleaning with water or similar, there is no disadvantage to letting the preparation run into the ear canal.
Therefore, the use of FORTAN Ear Care is also advisable after bathing.