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Brewer's Yeast Tabs


Content: 0.4 Kilogramm (€38.75* / 1 Kilogramm)

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Product number: 563
Weight: 0.48 kg
Our benefits
  • Ingredients with high bioavailability
  • 100% real brewer's yeast
  • For multi-biotic power
  • Rich in B vitamins and antioxidants
  • Promotes healthy skin, hair, eyes
  • Supports digestion
Product information "Brewer's Yeast Tabs"

FORTAN Brewer's Yeast Tabs for Dogs and Cats - For multibiotic power

FORTAN Brewer's Yeast Tabs are made from 100% real brewer's yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae).
This is particularly significant because only genuine brewer's yeast contains the polyphenols (alpha and beta acids) of the hops added during the brewing process.

  • Increasing resistance, especially in stressful and stressful situations
  • Optimisation of digestive processes
  • Natural vitamin and active substance supply

In addition to the long known effects of brewer's yeast, the ingredients of hops, which are only found in genuine brewer's yeast, have antioxidant, astringent and bacteriostatic effects.

Due to the composition of these brewer's yeast tablets for dogs and cats, the quality can be sustainably optimised in a natural and healthy way through the regular addition to food mixtures - whether ready-made food or self-prepared rations (e.g. BARF).

In addition, the high content of nucleotides, amino acids, B vitamins and trace elements supports breeding, growth and above all the external appearance of dogs and cats.

Straight feed

Guaranteed analysis:

Crude protein 45 %, moisture 6 %

Feeding recommendation:

Quantity per day
up to 5 kg
1 tablet
up to 10 kg
2 tablets
up to 15 kg
3 tablets
up to 20 kg
4 tablets
up to 30 kg
6 tablets
up to 40 kg
8 tablets
40 kg +
+ 1 tablet per 5kg

Dosage content: 1 tablet = 800 mg

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