equafortan® Magnesiumoxid

equafortan® Magnesiumoxid
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equafortan® Magnesiumoxid From all mass elements especially magnesium plays a key role... more
Product information "equafortan® Magnesiumoxid"

equafortan® Magnesiumoxid

From all mass elements especially magnesium plays a key role for the function of muscles and nerves. Magnesium activates important enzymes in the energetic metabolism (carbohydratemetabolism) so that enough energy is provided for the cells of the nerves and muscles to function properly. Within the nerve magnesium has an influence on the neurotransmitter acetylcholin.

Magnesium is not only stored in muscles but also in teeth and bones. It is detremental for the horses ability to perform and for it’s muscular system. Magnesiumdeficiencies will have an impact on muscle- and nervefunction and lead to disinclination of work, lack of energy,  endurance, jumpiness and tension.

Especially horses in situations of stress like change of stable, competitions, transports or during exhausting training lessons which cause increased sweating are in need of magnesium.

A horse needs between 10 to 13 g of magnesium a day which is rarely taken in with normal feed therefore it is recommended to add this mineral to the daily feed.

equafortan® Magnesiumoxid as an anorganic connection is particularly well absorbable.

All magnesium supplements should only be fed in combination with other feed it might otherwise not be accepted.

Dosage orientation:

Measuringcup at marker 15 ml = 10 g Magnesiumoxid = 5,4 g 

Measuringcup at marker 30 ml = 20 g Magnesiumoxid = 10,8 g

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Messbechermarke bei 15ml entspricht 10g Magnesiumoxid = 5,4g Magnesium

Messbechermarke bei 30ml entspricht 20g Magnesiumoxid = 10,8g Magnesium

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