About us

The Changing Face of Nutrition – from Predator to Pet

About 10000 years ago, man and dog entered into their friendship.

Dogs are still our loyal companions; however, their dietary habits have drastically changed. Being predators, primordial dogs obtained all essentials by their prey. Our present day family dogs don't kill anymore - we feed them instead. Unfortunately, we usually do so in a manner, which is too lopsided, too much and too adjusted to human wants and needs. Dogs are increasingly focused on our preferences and no longer fed in a way appropriate for their species.

As a result thereof, they suffer from deficiencies, which common feed mixtures cannot compensate - this applies in particular to elderly dogs. Fortifying your dog's daily principle food with supplementary feedingstuffs made by FORTAN is thus an effective step towards canine health maintenance.

More than 4 million cats – and nearly all of them are malnourished.

In our civilized world, nature usually only takes place on TV. Urban growth, motorways, agribusiness, and settlement policies have continued to push back wild animals and their natural habitat. It seems, only the feline nature has refused from being domesticated. Cats do have their own mind - however, since they live as our pets and are fed accordingly, they also need supplementary feedingstuffs, which are capable of compensating potential deficiencies.

FORTAN – half a century of experience in species-appropriate feeding

Ever since 1948, FORTAN has been selling supplementary feedingstuffs and care products for cats and dogs. Half a century of experience with man's favorite pets have made us experts in species- appropriate canine and feline care.

By now, FORTAN offers more than 40 different supplementary feedingstuffs and care products worldwide for cats and dogs.

The company was founded by Wolfgang Schmidt-Duisberg. Being a graduate animal care specialist, pharmacist and recognized dog breeder, he soon decided to dedicate his life to finding the best possible nutritional supply for cats and dogs. Managing partners Ute Heinrichs, the founder's daughter, and Hans Gerd Heinrichs have been continuing the business in the same spirit ever since 1993.